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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Google Lobbying the FCC

This article is an example of direct corporate lobbying of an executive branch on an issue that requires in-depth technological background. Google sent a letter directly to the Federal Communications Commission lobbying to use TV "white space" (unused airwaves) to provide wireless internet access. Although the FCC may have more time to analyze the specific technological aspects and impacts of the lobbying request than a typical Congress member might have, it is still an example of how a corporation can use its superior techological knowledge to affect public policy. Google's attempt to lobby the FCC will turn out to be a perfect example of the importance of information in the lobbying process, especially with a technological issue such as TV airwaves and wireless internet.

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Dan said...

Here is a link to the Google Lobbying Launch party with tons of DC's influentials in attendance including most of the FCC commissioners.