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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

McCain Direct Mail & Interest Groups

I drove home this morning to get a pillow. And as I walked in, what should I find on the entry hall table next to this week's issue of The Economist, but a direct mail piece addressed to my mother from none other than Senator and American Hero John McCain.

Although he spends most of the letter explaining how "liberals" like Obama, Clinton, and Pelosi are plotting to "win total control of the government" and laying out plans to "pass record-setting tax increases," he also takes a jab at MoveOn.org:
If liberal organizations like MoveOn.org have their way, our troops will be recklessly pulled out of Iraq and our enemies will be handed a victory they have neither won nor deserve. [sic] [replaced original underlining with bold]
Well, if MoveOn.org wants it, it must be a bad idea. I'm sure my mother would agree.

EDIT: This HTML Editor = fail. Here are the links to the letter:


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