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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

PicCell Wireless Contributes Money From Calls to Sponsor Lobbyists and Grassroots

Today I received this e-mail from the wireless company I used while abroad:

Dear Lindsay Mandel,

In December, you helped us write a donation check to The Borgen Project in the amount of $3,547.40. And you were giving by simply using your PicCell phone! For every call you made during a designated 12-day period in December, PicCell Wireless contributed $0.10 toward The Borgen Project's landmark efforts to pass the Global Poverty Act in U.S. Congress.

$3,547.40 makes a big difference in fighting the good fight
The donation covered the cost of sending a Borgen Project delegation to Washington, D.C. to build support for the Global Poverty Act. The remaining funds were used to reinforce a public awareness campaign.

Your impact by the numbers
3: Number of Senators who had co-sponsored the Global Poverty Act before PicCell raised enough money to send a Borgen Project delegation to Washington, D.C. to build support for the Global Poverty Act.

14: Number of Senators who have now co-sponsored the Global Poverty Act after The Borgen Project delegation arrived in Washington, D.C. In the weeks following The Borgen Project's meetings, the bill passed in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and will next be voted on by the entire Senate.

Thank you for being part of this international effort!

Learn more about...
PicCell Philanthropy
The Borgen Project
The Global Poverty Act
How you can help

Kindest regards,
PicCell Wireless

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