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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Time: Person of the Year

The Nation: Trump Wins Even If 'Time' Magazine Doesnt Name Him its 'Person of the Year'

The announcement of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a surprise, especially when many believed that Donald Trump would take the title. In contrast to Trump, Time described Merkel as having a political style with "no flair, no flourishes, no charisma, just a survivor's sharp sense of power and a scientist's devotion to data. Her leadership over the past year is credited for her management of the Greek debt crisis, the migration of Syrian refugees, and her strong response to Putin's aggression in Ukraine. However, in a National Review article by Leslie Savan, she argues that the clear choice for person of the year should have been Donald Trump, however, whether he was given the title or not, Trump comes out as the winner. If he wins, Savan argues "he'll declare it the greatest poll ever taken." If he loses, he'll accuse Time of robbing him, although he already anticipated this outcome, "I say there's no way they give it to me..even if i deserve it, they can't do it."

Trump was listed as the third runner up - here's an interesting quote from the piece describing his influence...

Time: The Short List: Donald Trump 
This is the grim bet of Donald J. Trump. He knows how to read people, and he believes his nation is ready for a wartime consigliere, a tough guy for a scary time. He makes no apologies, even when he is wrong or people get pummeled. His words are weapons, slicing through the national consciousness. "You know what? Maybe it's good, maybe its not," he allowed, as he sat in his tower, among the trophies of his glorious life. "And if it's not, that's all right. They'll get somebody else, and you what's going to happen? Our country is going to hell."

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