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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trump's Legal Counsel Clearly Didn't Take This Class...


Last week, Alan Garten, general counsel for the Trump Organization, tried sending a letter to Jeb Bush's PAC threatening "immediate legal action" if the group continued to produce ads attacking The Donald.  Garten mistakenly sent the letter to the Right to Rise PAC, a leadership PAC, instead of its related super PAC, Right to Rise USA. In response, the attorneys of the Right to Rise PAC sent Garten a letter urging him to consult the FEC website "to familiarize yourself about the differences between Leadership PACs and Super PACs. " Right to Rise's attorneys also suggested that Garten take some time to read the Citizens United and SpeechNow decisions that invalidated previous limits on contributions to traditional PACs. "They both are very helpful and might clear up some of your confusion," they wrote. Some additional fiery snippets from the exchange are:

  • "We are intrigued (but not surprised) by your continued efforts to silence critics of your client's campaign by employing litigious threats and bullying. Should your client actually be elected Commander-in-Chief, will you be the one writing the cease and desist letters to Vladimir Putin, or will that be handled by outside counsel?..."
  • "Just as your client is attempting to quickly learn the basics of foreign policy, we wish you personally the best in your attempts to learn election law." 
  • "Lastly, in light of your confusion over the difference between Leadership PACs and Super PACs, we have to assume you may also be unaware of the FEC's prohibition on a federal candidate's use of corporate resources for campaign purposes. Although your client may think he is above the law and be accustomed to using lawsuits to bail out his failed business deals, the Federal Election Campaign Act and the FEC's Regulations nonetheless apply to him and his campaign." 

Also, if you're as curious as I was about how Trump got the horrible nickname "The Donald" check this out!

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