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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Trump's take on PACs

Trump Interview on Face the Nation 10/25

The latest Iowa polls show Ben Carson in the lead, which Trump attributes to his PAC's inappropriate activity in Iowa. Trump accuses Carson of being controlled by his PAC, while in fact he has raised more small dollar donations than any other candidate, indicating strong grassroots support (see Ben Carson, top GOP fundraiser this quarter, sees huge grass-roots support). Trump also claims that the "people running his PAC are using that PAC differently than you're supposed to use a PAC...by running Iowa for him."

Trump proceeds to repeat numerous times that he has disavowed all PACs ("he is self-funding his campaign...other than small contributions") and believes that all other candidates should do the same. Further, he predicts "tremendous problems with PACs over the years."


(He begins his discussion of Ben Carson's PACs at 1:32)

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