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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Amigos de Obama

We watched an interesting spanish pro-Obama ad in Spanish class today (its a song about Obama). It's from a group called Amigos de Obama and because the ad actually says "vote for obama" I wanted to know where the money came from. The website does not identify what kind of group the organization is specifically. The website does offer some clues: the site is "Supported by Nueva Vista Media, Inc" and founded by Miguel Orozco (after looking at the Nueva Vista site I discovered he is the president of Nueva Vista and his bio shows that he has previous political ties). Nueva Vista defines itself as "a creative digital media company using all mediums to connect with Latinos." Clearly Amigos de Obama, Orozco, and Nueva Vista are all related, but where does the money for Amigos de Obama (which is also holding grassroots rallies) come from? Nueva Vista? Orozco himself? While the information may be out there somewhere (I looked for over half an hour), this example shows it is not easy to figure out where a lot of the campaign money actually comes from.

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