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Monday, February 18, 2008

MoveOn and ActBlue

Here is a link to MoveOn.org's endorsement list. Like EMILY's List it contains links to contribute to candidates they have endorsed.

As I mentioned at the end of class I would like to learn more and discuss ActBlue. Here are some interesting links and pieces of stories about it:

From the website FAQ:

For the purposes of contribution limits, are contributions made via the ActBlue web site counted separately from other contributions?

For federal campaigns, No. Contributions made via the ActBlue website are just like contributions through other means (e.g. on a candidate’s web site, through the mail, at a fundraiser). ActBlue just helps deliver your contribution to the candidate.

For state-legislature and executive campaigns, it depends. We’re in the process of writing up pages about the rules in every state. Until then, please contact us if you have questions.

From an article in the Wall Street Journal about a state legislative candidate receiving funds:
ActBlue was created as a political action committee in June 2004 by two Democratic activists from Cambridge, Mass., shortly after the presidential campaign of Howard Dean showed the power of online fund raising. The idea was to transfer that force to Democrats more broadly. Since its inception, ActBlue has raised more than $28 million for Democratic candidates, mostly by making it easy for supporters to bundle together small-dollar donations made via credit card. Mr. Edwards, for example, has raised more than $4 million online via ActBlue.
Finally from a Politico article regarding ActBlue and the FEC:
The presidential public financing system provides up to $250 in taxpayer money for each donation from an individual. But it expressly excludes from matching funds contributions “drawn on the account of a committee.”

It’s unclear whether contributions processed by ActBlue, a pioneering force in online fundraising for Democrats, would be covered by that language. But the Edwards campaign was worried enough to ask the Federal Election Commission for a legal opinion.

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